Fun Finds For Mom


My friend Carrie gave me the kindness button you see above for my birthday. I’ve since learned there’s a whole kindness movement behind these badges, which is quite inspiring. The purpose of these little guys is to hand them out to people — preferably unsuspecting strangers  — when they do something kind (same idea as the Civilettes and smiley stickers I wrote about a while back).

Anyhow, if you want to be part of the kindness movement, you can request some kindness buttons for free here. And if you want to be inspired by moving stories of kindness (random or intentional) and opportunities to spread some kindness yourself, check out, where Carrie blogs.

The most recent post is about a call to action for Phoenix folks to donate warm clothes and blankets to St. Vincent de Paul. If you have any kids’ or adults’ winter clothes, please bring them to the drop-off location inside Paper Joy on the SW corner of 40th Street and Campbell.  Donations will be accepted until Monday, February 14th- Valentine’s Day.

Check out the “Favorite Sites” list on the right-hand side of the Carry Kindness Forward blog, for major feel-good overload. And who doesn’t need a hearty overload of feel-good, right?

Love to you all, dear readers! Have I thanked you lately for how good you all make me feel? Well, thank you kindly!

Posted Thursday, February 10, 2011 in Activity