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Little Gingerbread Houses

My new favorite holiday is The Day After Thanksgiving. My kids wake up electrified with the prospect of holiday decorating. This year, before the sun came up, they had the stockings hung, garlands and lights strung on walls and windows around the house (with a generous amounts of masking tape), and pipe cleaner candy canes in every color combination twisted and displayed in jars on the mantle.

After breakfast, I heard the first “I’m bored.” so I handed my kids the latest issue of Family Fun magazine and told them to find a project. They found this photo of a gingerbread decorating party and wanted to get to it. Fortunately I had a box of gingerbread mix in the cabinet (from last year. hmmm. maybe I should have checked the expiration date.) and whipped up a batch. I knew one box wouldn’t be enough for each kid to make a full size gingerbread house, so I remembered Not Martha’s tiny gingerbread houses, and printed out her cute little templates. I skipped the door cutouts, because I knew these little abodes wouldn’t be around long enough to perch them on the edge of a mug.

Fortunately, we still had massive amounts of Halloween candy, so the kids went to work sorting all the colored candies while the dough chilled.

Let’s face it. The only reason kids make gingerbread houses is to eat them, so I’m now a big fan of the tiny gingerbread house. Good portion control.

Don’t be fooled by these photos – I didn’t get a good shot of the final product — little houses mounded with frosting, every inch covered with candy.

Posted Friday, December 2, 2011 in Activity, Food & Drink