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Red white and blue BINGO party


Happy Fourth of July everyone! I wanted to share a few pics from a little bingo party (a bingo play date is more like it) we had last week. We invited a couple friends over for a few games of bingo and a swim. It’s so hot out, we’ve been staying inside quite a bit in the afternoons and playing lots of games — Scrabble, Sorry, Monopoly and one of our favorites, Bingo!


If you’re looking for a fun summer activity to beat the heat, try a Bingo party! In our case, it was Bingo and bathing suits, but with all the fun my kids had with the bag of balloons I bought at the dollar store, I think a Bingo and Balloons party would also be a great idea. My son’s favorite was bopping the balloon in the air and having me give him different challenges to complete before he hit the balloon up again (touch your toes, clap your hands ten times, answer this math problem, etc.) In addition to finding the immensely popular bag of balloons at Dollar Tree, I also found these adorable little snack tubs:


I should have taken a photo of the wall of containers at Dollar Tree, because I was overwhelmed with all the sizes, shapes and colors. I’m a total sucker for containers. I bought a four-pack of these red tubs and a four-pack of blue tubs for — yes — one dollar. They were perfect for serving individual kettle corn snacks.


We got our Bingo set at a garage sale. It’s made of plastic, so I am always on the lookout for a metal cage Bingo at thrift stores and garage sales.


My favorite decoration was this balloon garland my son made. He used the pointy wire end of a pipe cleaner to poke a hole in the little “nub” of each balloon, then strung a piece of twine through them all. This is an idea I’ll be copying for future parties for sure.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July everyone!

Posted Wednesday, July 3, 2013 in Activity, Decorating