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Two minute cheesy eggs in a mug

A few months ago, we had a family reunion, and I was a little embarrassed at how much excitement and praise I got from my brother and sister in law at my two minute cheesy eggs in a mug. There was one morning I was slinging mugs in and out of the microwave like Tom Cruise in Cocktail — except I was making eggs, and I didn’t flip any mugs in the air. But still… I was kind of queen of the kitchen.

Here’s what you do.

1. Crack an egg or two into a mug. Add a splash of water and whisk them up with a fork. (I once saw a man on the Oprah show demonstrating how to make a perfect omelette, and the only thing I remember from his appearance was the importance of adding a little water to the eggs before cooking them. I’ve done this ever since, and I do think it makes them lighter and fluffier.)

2. After microwaving for 45 seconds, give the eggs a stir. They’ll be part firm, part liquid.


3. Pop back in the microwave for another 30-45 seconds, make sure they’re fully cooked, then take out and top with shredded cheese and mix in.

4. Serve to happy hungry kids.

Posted Tuesday, July 24, 2012 in Food & Drink