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Unicorn Birthday Party

My daughter likes to plan her birthday party all year long. Mainly, she likes to talk about the kind of party it is going to be. Over the past several months, she has considered a butterfly party, a sea creature party, a pony party, a few others I can’t remember, and finally — a unicorn party. This year, her birthday fell after the start of school for the first time, so a lot more of her friends were in town. With a small house, a big yard, and 100+ degree weather, her parties are destined to be outside and involve a lot of water play. Here are some pics from her 5th birthday celebration.

We set out a bucket of unicorn horn party hats for guests to take as they came in. These were super easy to make. We used regular party hats, separated them at the seam, and rolled into a tighter cone, securing with tape.

We even found a unicorn pinata, which was displayed on the mantle until it was time to crack him open.

I already showed you the fruit rainbow, but I love this photo so much, I just have to show it again.

When I cut the mini bagels and cream cheese in half, I realized they looked like little bagel rainbows!

Strawberry smoothies looked festive in little plastic glasses with striped paper straws – cut in half. (Look in the background — those are my new bar stools from the IKEA “as is” section I was telling you about.)

We fancified Eggo cinnamon crunch waffles (which you have to try — they are super delicious) and mini pancakes with paper flags.

Donut holes were skewered with lollipop sticks, and before we knew it, 6 dozen of them were gobbled up!

Here’s my sweet mama mixing up some chocolate milk. (I love these little tags I got at Staples. I use them for so many things.)

A cute little guest grabbing some goodies:

Unicorn horns, ready to be used in the Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game.

Thank you to my dear husband who patiently fills up 200 water balloons with the kids each August.

I’m not sure how long it takes him to fill them…

but they usually last about two minutes, once the water balloon fight starts!

The pinata was cracked open — twice! We had a strong slugger near the front of the line, so after he busted off the head, we strung up the body for more unicorn-whacking fun. Then they scrambled for candy:

We handed out these little pails from the Target dollar section for the kids to fill with candy at the breaking of the pinata.

And of course, cake was enjoyed:

Thank you to my hubby, parents and mother-in-law who helped get everything ready for the party, and a special thanks to my mom who ran all over town in the blazing heat to find frozen mini quiche, which I completely forgot to serve!

(Also thanks to my friend Sarah of Sarah Root Photography, who took some of these photos. If you live in the Phoenix area and would like gorgeous family photos taken, you must check out her website.)

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